About us

Pravda Capital is a group of affiliated companies operating in securities markets, green energy markets and advisory. The affiliates include: Pravda Capital Trading s.r.o., the energy trading company, Sanning Capital Limited, a hedge fund focused on global value investing and Pravda Capital s.r.o. and Sanning Capital Management LLC, companies engaged in investment management advice to the hedge fund.

We have been operating since 2002, when we started a corporate finance advisory boutique but soon expanded into ventures related to energy and asset management. Between 2004 and 2005 we completed transactions worth several billion CZK including Orco’s acquisition of IPB Real and the financial restructuring of Aliatel. 

In 2005, we entered into carbon emissions brokerage services and in a short period of time we became one of the leading brokerage companies in the CEE area trading with 150 companies from more than 15 countries with volume exceeding 100 million units valued at over €2 billion.

In June 2009 we launched a new investment fund called Sanning Capital. The fund started as a bottom up long short fund investing mainly in the Central and Eastern Europe and after 2011 widened its area of reach to global markets focusing on semi-automated identification of opportunities among equity indexes as well as within the indexes mostly in developed markets.