Asset Management

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Sanning Capital Limited is a long short equity fund investing in global developed markets. In late 2015 we launched a new strategy called Formulaic Value, which employs modern fact-driven investing rooted in rigorous empirical research as opposed to traditional hand picking of stocks. Our focus is total return and market outperformance.

Sanning Capital Limited is managed by a team with global experience in executing and evaluating investment opportunities. The team is based in Central Europe and invests its own and investors’ capital.

The performance of the fund compared to its peers is depicted here.

In October 2017 Pravda Capital was awarded an investment adviser license by the Czech National Bank, allowing us to provide advice and implement proprietary investment strategy on accounts owned by our clients. The national bank's official lists can be found here. In March 2019 Pravda Capital also obtained a license from the Maltese financial regulator MFSA.